Cultivate superior cannabinoids without the N-P-K.

Learn how to boost quality and productivity while saving money with a healthy soil-food web.

Learn how to:

Achieve Full
Genetic Potential

Boosting terpenes and desirable minor compounds

Manage Pests
Without Pesticides

Using integrative pest control systems, not chemicals

Improve Soil Quality
Every Season

Saving you time and money- never throw away your soil again

In this FREE webinar you will find out:

Instructed by Living Soil Cultivation Specialist Bryan Wachsman

Instructed by Living Soil Cultivation Specialist Bryan Wachsman

Bryan Wachsman is an Educator, and Public Speaker with more than a decade of cannabis cultivation experience.

Once a large scale commercial grower, Bryan joined the organic cannabis movement when he learned about the unethical, and at times poisonous cultivation practices taking place in Colorado, and has since made it a priority to teach the masses about clean organic cannabis cultivation methods that make the old way obsolete. Bryan has lectured at a number of events, including IndoExpo, Herban Expo, Canna Grow Expo amongst others.

If you're serious about growing, this may change the way see your garden forever.

No gimmicks, no hard pitches- just real, solid, actionable advice that will change the way you grow forever. Sometimes the natural alternative really is cheaper and easier than the status quo. Bryan is here to show you a better way.

Join us to find out how you can take your cultivation practice to the next level: