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Featuring: Chris Trump, Dr. James White, Leighton Morrison, Dr. Efren Cazares, Chip Osborne, Craig Trester, and Leif Olson

Living soil techniques hold the power to dramatically transform the cannabis industry. By leveraging nature, we can feed, weed, and combat pests with a fraction of the time and cost of conventional agriculture.

In this six-session workshop series we will dive deep into the reality of living soil techniques with six of the world's top experts in the field, pulling from a collective 80 years of natural growing experience.

Learn Living Soil Techniques from the Legends:

Dr. James F. White

"Understanding Endophytes"

Professor of Plant Biology, Rutgers University


James F. White is the author of more than 230 articles, and author and editor of reference books on the biology of endophytes, including Biotechnology of Acremonium Endophytes of Grasses (1994), Microbial Endophytes (2000), The Clavicipitalean Fungi (2004)

Dr. White is Professor of Plant Biology at Rutgers University where he and students conduct research on beneficial microbes that inhabit plant tissues. Dr. White obtained the B.S. and M.S. degrees in Botany and Plant Pathology from Auburn University, and the Ph.D. in Botany/Mycology from the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. White is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and Associate Editor for journals Fungal Ecology, Symbiosis, Mycoscience, and Scientific Reports, and also serves as the Chief Editor for the Plant-Microbe Interactions Section of the MDPI journal Microorganisms.

Chris Trump

"A New Perspective on IMOs"

President, Chris Trump Natural Farming


Chris has traveled the world speaking and learning from Master Cho himself (the founder of KNF) and teaching KNF methods across the U.S. and to 3rd world countries to create sustainability. Chris is an educator, philanthropist, and loves sushi.

Chris is a world-renown Korean Natural Farmer (KNF) and the first to use KNF on a large-scale farm. 

Chris Trump grew up farming a variety of different crops and livestock using conventional and organic farming methods. In 1988, his family took over a 800-acre macadamia nut farm in Hawaii and they are still farming it today. On this farm, Chris learned the ins and outs of farming. One of the biggest obstacles in their macadamia nut farm was the cost of importing herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers all the way to Hawaii. The cost of shipping was stripping the family farms revenue. This sparked Chris Trumps search for a solution that not only would be cost-effective but would increase production and profits so they could continue to pay their employees a living wage.

In 2005, the Trump farm had an infestation of green stink bug that led to an 80% crop failure. The Trumps were desperate for a solution to save their family farm and recoup their losses. They had to sell all of their farm equipment, they were going to lose their house as collateral and had to lay off all of their employees. Chris’ family was able to buy back a few pieces of equipment with the crop insurance check they received and rehire a skeleton crew. Before the stink bug infestation, half of the trees were conventionally farmed and half were organic. Since the conventionally farmed trees were more profitable they just focused on the conventional trees, they let the organic trees go fallow.

Then Chris heard about a Korean Natural Farming seminar held in Hawaii, so he went. The Korean Natural Farming (KNF) techniques were completely opposite to conventional methods. For example, they recommended uprooting a tree that you would transplant, cut down the taproot and let the tree dry out a few days before replanting. The KNF premise seemed radical, but Chris had noticed from observing nature that it just might work.

So, Chris started on his journey in Korean Natural Farming. Chris experimented using KNF inputs and solutions on a small portion of the diseased trees in his families orchard. The results were astounding. The trees would typically be counted a loss in conventional agriculture as we don’t have a method for remediating this type of disease, however with the application of Natural Farming methods we experienced recovery of the diseased trees and they eventually thrived.

After seeing the success of KNF, the Trump family switched all of their organic macadamia nut orchards into KNF methods. Before, their organic trees were yellowed and not performing as well as their conventionally farmed trees. But once they started using Korean Natural Farming methods, those trees started to outperform the conventional ones. Macadamia nut trees that would usually be cut down because they were diseased and unable to recover, were thriving and producing abundantly. KNF solutions changed the fate of the Trump farm.

Korean Natural Farming has enabled the Trump macadamia nut farm to become certified organic, for about half the price of traditional organic inputs. Chris Trump is passionate about sharing how Korean Natural Farming has transformed his farm and how it is a game-changer for producing crops that are incredibly nutrient-dense and sustainable.

Chris Trump is the first person to use Korean Natural Farming techniques on a large-scale farm. He is the creator of the latest version of liquid IMO and he has perfected the KNF inputs and solutions so that they are incredibly effective and adapted to the Hawaii and mainland USA. Chris wants to walk alongside you on this KNF journey. He will help your farm/garden be successful, just like his.

Leighton Morrison

"The Value of AMOs"

Owner, Kingdom Aquaponics


The goal has always been to slow the environmental impact of humanity, and Leighton is on the forefront of bringing safe natural land and garden care products to the masses. Healthy food, plants, landscapes and farming starts with the soil and its biology.

In 2012 Leighton set up a small scale aquaculture system with 100 tilapia at Rodale Institute. He worked with Dr. Elaine Ingham, a world renowned soil biologist, blending his by-products with traditional compost and worm castings to prove the value of aquatic ecosystems by-products and how they can reduce the need for synthetics on the environment. For eighteen months, Leighton studied the art of composting, compost tea brewing, extract making and vermaculture to complete the proof of concept work necessary. By combining these products/ techniques and applying them to his knowledge of machines and forces, he was able to develop processing equipment to produce the end products that Kingdom Aquaponics™ is now offering.

Leighton then joined forces with James Sottilo of Ecological Landscape Management, a nationally recognized pioneer in organic land and tree care. Together they vetted the product while continuing to improve it with the tried and tested methods that James has implemented in his work. Leighton has successfully scaled up production three times over without compromising quality.

Dr. Efren Cazares

"Deep Dive into Mycorrhizal Fungi"

Owner, MycoRoots


Efren is a Mycologist that specializes on mycorrhizal fungi (mutualistic symbiotic soil fungi). He obtained his PhD in the Dept. of Botany and Plant Pathology, Oregon State University in 1992.

Efren founded MycoRoots in 2002, a consulting company dedicated to provide expertise and increase the knowledge on the benefits of mycorrhizal fungi and their ecology, its assessment and management to private land owners, mycorrhizal fungal inocula producers, plant growers, farmers, environmental consultants, plant restoration companies, landscape architects, golf course superintendents. He has teaching and research experience, published in peer review journals and lecturer in international forums.

Chip Osborne
(with Leighton Morrison)

"Advances in Understanding
the O Horizon"

President, Osborne Organics


Chip Osborne is one of the country’s leading experts on growing sustainable, natural turf and conversion methods for transitioning cannabis growers from synthetic to organic systems, in collaboration with Leighton Morrison.

Chip’s natural strategies blend science with
hands on experience to create safe, sustainable, and healthy athletic fields and landscapes that do not involve the use of synthetic pesticides and chemical based fertilizers.

As a national consultant, Chip works with state agencies, municipalities, universities and nonprofit organizations in the areas of organic turf management and pesticide elimination.

Chip is the president of Osborne Organics, LLC, a company he founded to support and educate the land care industry and public sector in alternative approaches to turf management.

Craig Trester and Leif Olson

"Yeast and Saprophytic Fungi in the Soil"

Applied Mycologists


Craig M Trester is an educator and citizen scientist that utilizes principles of biomimicry and traditional ecological knowledge through applied mycology to develop regenerative solutions for many of the environmental challenges that impact our world.

Leif Olson is an interdisciplinary environmental scientist and educator with a background in field ecology, environmental chemistry, applied mycology, wetland science and organic waste management, and works on a range of environmental management projects collaborating with municipalities, universities and the private sector.

Through MYC.NYC, an educational outreach resource he established in 2018, Craig provides people with knowledge and resources to recognize and apply benefits that fungi have to offer our health, environment, and society. Aside from his work as an educator, Craig’s research focuses on how the qualitatively regenerative principles and techniques of permaculture can be combined with the quantitatively powerful tools of molecular and synthetic biology to paint a picture of the deeper ecological connections throughout nature that are facilitated by our microbial world. Through this research Craig believes novel approaches for bioremediation, carbon sequestration, and regenerative agriculture can be made reality.

With a focus on the relationships between ecological function and environmental health, Leif explores the synergistic interactions between plants, fungi and other domains of life, and how these factors can be leveraged for increased soil health, landscape resilience and ecological abundance.  He is on a life long journey to create a more coherent synthesis of the various realms of the natural sciences in order to create a better understanding of landscape health, the interrelations of living organisms and our own role as humans in the biosphere.

Currently, Leif operates Integrated Land Enhancement LLC, advising clients on research design, environmental sampling, data interpretation, organic waste management, soil health and more.  He also teaches extensively on topics ranging from bioremediation, leveraging fungi in land management, mushroom cultivation, and the influences of plants on their surrounding environment.

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This event is the second of a series spotlighting the world's top voices in soil science, living soil, and regenerative agriculture.

Starting from the foundations, these courses are design to provide cultivators and industry insiders the most up-to-date knowledge of the field, each building on the next.

soil biology, chemistry and physical properties, enhancing thc, cbd growing, and the spirit of cannabis

November 14th and 15th, 2020

Micro bubbles in irrigation- next level watering, redox potential, and foliar VS soil feeding

February 13th and 14th

Living mulches, Banker and trap plants, Using bugs for integrated pest management

March 13th and 14th

Advanced Aquaponics, Aquaculture, Worms, and Rabbits

April 3rd and 4th

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