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Living soil techniques hold the power to dramatically transform the cannabis industry. By leveraging nature, we can feed, weed, and combat pests with a fraction of the time and cost of conventional agriculture.

In this six-session workshop series we will dive deep into the reality of living soil techniques with six of the world's top experts in the field, pulling from a collective 80 years of natural growing experience.

Learn Living Soil Techniques from the Legends:

Leighton Morrison

"The Importance of Soil Physical Properties"

Owner, Kingdom Aquaponics


The goal has always been to slow the environmental impact of humanity, and Leighton is on the forefront of bringing safe natural land and garden care products to the masses. Healthy food, plants, landscapes and farming starts with the soil and its biology.

In 2012 Leighton set up a small scale aquaculture system with 100 tilapia at Rodale Institute. He worked with Dr. Elaine Ingham, a world renowned soil biologist, blending his by-products with traditional compost and worm castings to prove the value of aquatic ecosystems by-products and how they can reduce the need for synthetics on the environment. For eighteen months, Leighton studied the art of composting, compost tea brewing, extract making and vermaculture to complete the proof of concept work necessary. By combining these products/ techniques and applying them to his knowledge of machines and forces, he was able to develop processing equipment to produce the end products that Kingdom Aquaponics™ is now offering.

Leighton then joined forces with James Sottilo of Ecological Landscape Management, a nationally recognized pioneer in organic land and tree care. Together they vetted the product while continuing to improve it with the tried and tested methods that James has implemented in his work. Leighton has successfully scaled up production three times over without compromising quality.

Chip Osborne

"Soil Chemistry: Beyond Nutrients"

President, Osborne Organics


Chip Osborne is one of the country’s leading experts on growing sustainable, natural turf and conversion methods for transitioning cannabis growers from synthetic to organic systems, in collaboration with Leighton Morrison.

Chip’s natural strategies blend science with
hands on experience to create safe, sustainable, and healthy athletic fields and landscapes that do not involve the use of synthetic pesticides and chemical based fertilizers.

As a national consultant, Chip works with state agencies, municipalities, universities and nonprofit organizations in the areas of organic turf management and pesticide elimination.

Chip is the president of Osborne Organics, LLC, a company he founded to support and educate the land care industry and public sector in alternative approaches to turf management. 

Dr. Elaine Ingham

"Deep Dive Into The Soil Food Web"​

World's Leading Soil Microbiologist,
President of Soil Foodweb Inc.


After introducing the soil food web to the world more than 20 years ago, Dr. Ingham has become perhaps the world's most respected living soil scientist and advocate alive today. Her roles have included Chief Scientist at the Rodale Institute, Director of Research at the Soil Foodweb Institute, and lead author of the USDA's Soil Biology Primer.

“Food for animals and humans is a subject that concerns us all” (Evie Balfour). Since food quality is of great concern to us all, the soil must be of great concern to us all, since soil health directly controls plant health.

Since toxic substances that chemical agriculture has been over-using for the last 30 to 70 years, and since destructive tillage and compaction imposed by modern large-scale agriculture also destroy beneficial aerobic organisms that make soil healthy, then we must all learn how to replace the life that has been destroyed.

The work I have done through my career is to understand soil life, how it has been harmed by toxic chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, inorganic fertilizers, etc), and how to return that life to soil. Each organism in soil performs one or more functions. If we understand this, we can rapidly and easily return optimal health to the food we eat. If human health concerns us, we must learn about soil life.”

Kevin Jodrey

"Enhancing THC Growing
with Living Soil"

Owner, Wonderland Nursery


Kevin Jodrey is one of the most well known growers in Humboldt County and is an internationally respected cannabis expert, known for improving and forwarding the modern cannabis movement. As a world renowned hunter of ganja genetics, Kevin is fascinated by the search for rare, desirable, and marketable traits.

Kevin is the creator of Port Royal, owner of Wonderland Nursery, and co-founder of The Ganjier. He’s been a cannabis cultivator for decades, running his own operations and offering consulting services to the broader community. He’s spoken at universities, judged at The Emerald Cup, and consulted on cannabis related educational shows for National Geographic and A&E.

Joshua Steensland

"Enhancing CBD Growing with Living Soil"

Owner, Healing Gardens Medical Grow


Joshua Steensland is a life long cannabis cultivator and educator who grew and harvested +100 acres of hemp in 2019.Having developed a name for himself with his YouTube Channel has multiple cannabis cup wins under his belt.

As of 2020, Joshua is now working with one of the world largest agricultural companies to assist in large scale hemp production in and outside the US.

As a former hydroponic store owner, Joshua has evolved from using synthetics to living soils and is one of the most respected teachers in this transitioning. He is now dedicated to the study, practice and education of living soil, no till, and raw amendment techniques in the preset of incredible flower.

Dragonfly Earth Medicine

"The Spirit of Cannabis"

Owners, Dragonfly Earth Medicine


Dragonfly Farm is a family owned farm dedicated to the regeneration and health of the earth and it's humans. Vitality of water, soil, plants, humans, mycology and cellular renewal has been their focus for over 20 years.

We have taken this focus and come up with an ideology that dictates our everyday life on our farm. Our surroundings of glaciers, mountains peaks, forests, healthy ecosystems and vibrant northern life gives us inspiration to keep it pure and natural. Clear cuts, disturbed water sheds and mans impact on our global community is our reality. We continue to learn about how we can impact the earth in a positive way. We have started with soil. Soil in its most basic form holds nutrients for the creation of life. Each region has its own soil which contains a microbial community that supports certain bacteria, fungi, microbes and ultimately plant life that is particular to that region. In areas that are undisturbed by human conditions, the soils are rich and contain all that a plant would need for it to grow to its fullest potential. Unfortunately, these soils are only available in our old growth forests and undisturbed riparian zones. It has become our passion here at Dragonfly Farm to create vital soil environments that help each seed that is planted to reach its fullest potential. Soils and humans need beneficial bacterias, fungi and healing herbs to have ultimate immune response and healthy growth.

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The Science of



This event is the first of a series spotlighting the world's top voices in soil science, living soil, and regenerative agriculture.

Starting from the foundations, these courses are design to provide cultivators and industry insiders the most up-to-date knowledge of the field, each building on the next.

Aquatic, and indigenous microorganisms, Mycorrhizal fungi, endophytes, saprophytes, AND advances in THE O horizon

January 16th and 17th

Micro bubbles in irrigation- beyond blumats, redox potential, and foliar VS soil feeding

February 13th and 14th

Living mulches, Banker and trap plants, Using bugs for integrated pest management

March 13th and 14th

Advanced Aquaponics, Aquaculture, Worms, and Rabbits

April 3rd and 4th

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