The Science of Cannabinoid Cultivation Academy

16 Sessions - 36 Hours of Content from World Renowned Experts

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With this 3 Part Video Series, learn cultivation secrets that will help you:

  • Grow plants so healthy they can resist pests and diseases
  • Produce flower with higher terpenes and flavonoids
  • Spend less time and effort monitoring your grow
  • Spend less money on bottle nutes, sprays and microbial inoculants

The 3 Part Series:


Part 1: November 14-15, 2020

Soil Foundations: Biology, Chemistry, and Physical Properties, PLUS maximizing THC and CBD

Part 2: January 16-17, 2021

Microbes: Aquatic and Indigenous Microorganisms; Mycorrhizal Fungi; Endophytes and Saprophytes; and Advances In The O Horizon

Part 3: February 27-28, 2021

Water & Light: Micro Bubbles in Irrigation; Next Level Watering, Mimicking the Sun with Lighting Tech; Redox Potential; Biological Crop Steering & the Soul of the Soil

Package deal includes recordings from Part 1-3

Part 1 Speaker Line-Up

Dr. Elaine Ingham

World Renowned Microbiologist
President, Soil Food Web School

Deep Dive into the Soil Food Web

Kevin Jodrey

Owner, Wonderland Nursery

Enhancing THC Growing with Living Soil

Joshua Steensland

Owner, Healing Gardens Medicinal Grow

Enhancing CBD Growing with Living Soil

Kelly & Josh

Owners, Dragonfly Earth Medicine

The Spirit of Cannabis

Leighton Morrison

Owner, Kingdom Acquaponics

The Importance of Soil Physical Properties

Chip Osborne

President, Osborne Organics

Soil Chemistry: Beyond Nutrients

Part 2 Speaker Line-Up

Dr. James White

Professor of Plant Biology, Rutgers University

Understanding Endophytes

Chris Trump

President, Chris Trump Natural Farming

A New Perspective on IMO

Leighton Morrison

Owner, Kingdom Aquaponics

The Value of AMOs


Applied Mycologists

Yeast & Saprophytic Fungi in the Soil

Efren Cazares

Owner, MycoRoots

Deep Dive into Mycorrhizal Fungi

Chip Osborne

President, Osborne Organics

Advances in the O Horizon

Part 3 Speaker Line-Up

Leighton Morrison

Owner, Kingdom Aquaponics

State-of-the-Art: Water Filtration

Michael Box

Lead Designer, Sustainable Village

State-of-the-Art: Irrigation

Tom Richardson

VP of R&D, Gaia Water

Cutting-Edge Watering Tech: Nano Bubbles

Alex Imass

Founder & CEO, AgroMe Inc.

Cutting-Edge Watering Tech: Crop Steering

Wolf "The Farmer in the Sky" Segal

50-Year Cultivation Veteran + Design Consultant

Mimicking the Sun with Lighting Tech


Applied Mycologists

Maximizing Plant Redox Potential

Rachael "Ganjasana" Carlevale

Founder, Ganjasana

The Soul of the Soil

Brandon Rust

Owner, Bokashi Earthworks

Biological Crop Steering

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